Quintillion Subsea Cable System Phase 1 In-Service 2017!

Quintillion is delighted to report that the extensive subsea cable installed during the summer of 2016, including miles of subsea fiber into Nome, Kotzebue, Utqiagvik (Barrow), Point Hope and Wainwright, Alaska, is secure and is currently in test mode. The Quintillion network management team is monitoring the system 24/7 and is pleased with the performance of the system. Quintillion looks forward to completing the burial work on its Subsea Fiber Optic Cable System this summer and is on schedule to deliver wholesale capacity service later in 2017 to the Alaska communities listed above. Quintillion’s fiber optic network will operate at the speed of light and offers wholesale capacity rates at 50-90% less than existing wholesale backhaul over satellite or microwave. Remote Alaskan communities are in serious need of true broadband and Quintillion is excited to bring lower-cost, world-class connectivity to the North American Arctic. Check out our Gallery for photos of 2016 construction.


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Quintillion is pleased to announce its terrestrial fiber optic cable system in Alaska is complete and is in service! Quintillion’s land-based fiber optic cable system extends from Fairbanks to Deadhorse, Alaska, extending into western portions of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, which boasts the largest oil field in North America. This land-based fiber system is critical to serving the oil and gas industry as it strives to innovate and create efficiencies in exploration and production. Quintillion is a wholesale capacity provider and service can be purchased by any retail provider of services to industry.