Phase 1 – Alaska

Construction is nearly complete on the first segment of the multi-phase Quintillion Subsea Cable System. Phase 1 – Alaska is a 1200 mile submarine fiber optic cable main trunk line between Nome and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Additional branches are installed into the Alaskan communities of Kotzebue, Point Hope, Wainwright and Barrow.
Concurrently, the Quintillion Cable System, a new terrestrial fiber between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, has been installed along the Dalton Highway and is scheduled to be in-service early 2017. At Fairbanks, the new fiber will connect to existing networks reaching Anchorage, Alaska, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, providing fiber link between the Continental United States and the North American Arctic. The Dalton Highway system is scheduled to be in-service early 2017, with the subsea system turning up service later in 2017.

Phase 2 – Asia

The Pacific segment, Phase 2 – Asia, is planned to extend the backbone cable from the Nome branching unit west to Asia, with options for additional branches into Alaska. Phase 2 will create an option for a diverse path out of the United States to Asia.

Phase 3 – Canada-United Kingdom

The Canada-United Kingdom segment, Phase 3, is intended to extend the subsea system east of the Prudhoe Bay, Alaska branching unit along the Lower Northwest Passage to Canada and on to the United Kingdom. Phase 3 will connect to Northern Canadian communities and will provide a secure low latency route from Europe to Asia, and a diverse route out of North America to Europe.