TelAlaska Launches Residential Service in Nome on Quintillion’s Fiber Network

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Anchorage-based telecommunications companies TelAlaska and Quintillion are bringing high speed broadband to residents of Nome for the first time. The two companies have been working together to develop a residential solution for the Norton Sound community, which has long been plagued by slow speeds and data restrictions. The new service will be delivered by TelAlaska over Quintillion’s subsea fiber optic cable system. Residents will have access to the internet at triple the currently available speeds and more than double the included data at prices that are competitive to what residents are paying now.

“These new internet services will be unlike any that Nome clients have ever seen,” said George Tronsrue III, Quintillion’s CEO.

Commercial customers and schools in Nome have been served since Quintillion’s network went live December 1, 2017.